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04 Feb

FEB 2021: Staff Writer

As we celebrate Black History Month for February, the meaning of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, brings hope to a new generation for change in our society. In sports, government, the community, businesses, schools, etc., we continue the breaking down of the barriers and embrace the diversity that has been there all along. What is 'Black Diversity'? cultures, ethnicities and nationalities come in ALL colors. Black is one of them. We will post various Blogs highlighting, celebrating and promoting the diversity of our mixtures and who we are as people, athletes and coaches within the sport of Artistic Swimming and Swimming in general.

Throughout 2021 and beyond, we will focus on what our sport shares and what we have in common with people in our communities which makes us all stronger. For February, we wish to highlight and share a swim organization called 'Black Kids Swim' . They are located in Virginia.

According to their website, they 'highlight the accomplishments of Black children in the sport of swimming and also serves as a resource for families with experienced swimmers and those with children who want to explore the sport of swimming. There are multiple resources to help Black children learn basic water safety skills. Black Kids Swim wants to see our children do more than simply ‘survive’ in the water. We want them to develop a valuable technique that can benefit them physically and professionally throughout their entire lives. Most importantly, the sportsmanship, pursuit of constant improvement, and discipline learned from competitive swimming will help our children develop techniques and characteristics needed to succeed in life – personally, educationally and professionally'. 

For more information about this organization, please visit:


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