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06 Feb

Staff Writer/NCASA

In 1979, the Harlem Honeys and Bears gathered to develop a synchronized swim team unique to the Harlem area and unique to the world. There are no other known Black Senior (55+) Artistic Swim team in the World today. They formed out of a need to provide aquatics physical activity to black senior citizens in Harlem. They developed a program that would be a vehicle for where senior citizens were taught instructions in water survival, water therapy for chronic illnesses, and water exercises for therapeutic purposes. Then, dance and swimming met, and they went to work to form a team. In honor of Black History month, we recognize the Harlem Honey and Bears! For more information, check out their website at: Home | Harlem Honeys & Bears Synchronize swimming team (harlemhoneysandbears.org) 

Here is another great article about this wonderful team: The Harlem Honeys and Bears want everybody in the pool (theundefeated.com) 

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