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03 Aug

Staff/August 2021

The 2021 Fundraising event, 'American Gold & Glory', was a gathering for those who support the Olympic Spirit and the Team USA athletes who represent our country at the highest level. The fundraiser was part of the USA Artistic Swimming Foundation's efforts to continue to reach out to generous folks who wish to support the sport and continue to see it flourish in the USA. 

Many countries receive government support, but not in the USA. Team USA sports must reach out to major sponsors and generous donors to continue its representation at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The USA Artistic Swimming Foundation through its grants to USA Artistic Swimming, athletes and swim teams have made it possible for the sport to continue in their 82 year history of competitions in the USA and participation in international competitions.

The USA Artistic Swimming Foundation is committed to funding the growth of the sport and preparing today's artistic swimmers to become tomorrow's champions and leaders. Monies received support training, competitions, community programs and outreach. In addition, the USA Artistic Swimming Foundation supports Jr. and Sr. National Teams and their programs to encourage participation at elite events including the Olympic Games (and future Paralympic Games). With the many volunteers involved with making it all possible for the sport of Artistic Swimming to flourish, continued monetary support is needed to keep this historic sport and as one of the top spectator sports at the Olympic Games. Our donors and sponsors are very much appreciated, and this sport would not be possible without the support provided.

On behalf of the Northern California Artistic Swim Alliance (NCASA), we wish to thank all the current and future donors and sponsors for keeping this wonderful sport in the 'Games' and within our communities. Champions are not only made at the Olympics, but they are also made right here at our local clubs and teams reaching out to our youths with participation in recreational artistic swimming. And, thanks to generous people here and abroad, we can keep our sport alive and well! Please see our 'Exercise Charity' page for how you can help locally. You can also visit the USA Artistic Swimming Foundation page to support the National effort: USA Artistic Swimming Foundation 

Check out our page pics from the fundraiser in our photo gallery. You can also see a wide variety of photos on the USAAS Foundation page above. Thank you!

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